Patriots Page

These are our Patriots who proudly served in the American Revolution.

DAR perpetuates the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American independence. The objectives laid forth in the first meeting of the DAR have remained the same in over 130 years of service to the nation. Those objectives are historical, educational, and patriotic; that is, to cherish, maintain, and extend the institutions of American freedom; to foster true patriotism and love of country; and to aid in securing for mankind all the blessings of liberty.

James Allen, NJ, Private Jesse Barker, Jr., MA, PrivateJesse Barker, Sr., MA, PrivateTristram Barnard, MA, CommanderSeba/Zeba Beebe, VT & NH, SergeantJeremiah Bingham, VT, SergeantSamuel Blodgett, VT, SergeantEphraim Blood, NH, CorporalPhilip Borst, NY, PrivateGerrit Bradt, NY, SoldierPeter Bradt, NY, PrivateJohn Burdett, MA, PrivateGeorge Bush, NY, Private​John Comstock, CT, LieutenantEzra Crane, CT, PrivateJames Crane, CT, SergeantJames Crane, MA, SergeantBenjamin Cutter, MA, Non-Commissioned OfficerElijah Danforth, MA, PrivateDavid De Forest, CT, Patriotic ServiceCharles Dennison, NY, Patriotic ServiceMoses DeWitt, NJ, PrivateEbenezer Dunham, NY, PrivateCornelius Eckerson, NY, Lieutenant-Patriotic ServicePeter Fenton, NY, Corporal-Patriotic ServiceDavid Foote, CT, Private, Minute ManEbenezer Gardner, MA, PrivateHenry Godwin, NY, CaptainNathaniel Goodspeed, MA, PrivateAsahel Gray, NY, LieutenantCalvin Greenleaf, MA, PrivateHarmanaus Hagadorn, NY, PrivateJohn Hair, PA, PrivateJoseph Hatfield, VA, Private-Patriotic ServiceEzekiel Hawley, VT, PrivateAlexander Hay, NY, Private John Holcombe, PA, Patriotic Service Jacob Hollenbeck, NY, LieutenantAristides Huestis, NH, Patriotic ServiceJared Huntington, CT, SergeantAaron Huntley, NH, PrivateElijah Kenyon, RI, PrivateAndrew Kichlein, PA, PrivateGeorge Kline, PA, SergeantJoseph Leach, MA, CaptainPhilip Leonard, PA, Private-Patriotic ServiceMark Lichty, PA, PrivateJohn Livingston, Sr., PA, Private-Civil Service-Patriotic ServiceIsaac Lockwood, CT, PrivateMoses Lowell, NH, Patriotic ServiceRalph Mack, CT, PrivateAlexander Mackey, Sr., NY, Private-Patriotic ServiceJohn Manning, CT, PrivateEbenezer Mansfield, MA, PrivateElihu Marvin, NY, Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic ServiceJohn Love William Mayhew, VA, PrivateJohn McCoy, VA, CaptainRobert McCoy, VA, PrivateJohn McDowell, VA & PA, Civil ServiceZebulon Mead, VT, Civil ServiceJohn Minthorn, NH, Sergeant MajorJabez Mosher, Sr., NY, Captain-Patriotic ServiceDaniel Moulton, MA, PrivateChristian Myers, NY, Patriotic Service Stephanus Myer, NY, SoldierChristian Myers, NY, Patriotic Service Nathan Norton, CT, SergeantGillium Outwater, NJ, Patriotic Service James Pardee, CT, Patriotic Service Lemuel Pardee, CT, Soldier James Pitman, GA & VA, Lieutenant John Poole, CT, PrivateRoswell Post, Jr., VT, SergeantRoswell Post, Sr., VT, Patriotic ServiceJoseph Powers, NH, Private John Ramsay, NY, PrivateJohannes Reinhart, NY, Private Benjamin Riegel, PA, PrivateDiel Rockefeller, NY, Captain Simeon Rogers, MA, Private David Rose, NY, Private ​William Russell, MA, PrivateOliver Sawtelle, VT, Private John L. Schermerhorn, NY, PrivateSamuel Scott, VA, Private-Patriotic Service​Abraham Slack, PA, Private Albert Slingerland, NY, Private Dennis Smith, PA, Sergeant Isaac Sparling, NJ, Private William Stevens, NY, Sergeant Seth Sturgis, CT, Patriotic ServiceFlower Swift, VA, Captain-Patriotic ServiceJohn Taliaferro, VA, SoldierJohn Townsend, MA, Lieutenant Jacobus Van Der Poel, NY, Private Jacobus S. Van Epps, NY, Patriotic Service Rem Van Voorhes, NJ, PrivateWilliam Wakeman, CT, Sergeant John Walters, NY, Private​Henry Warner, PA, PrivateAmos Weed, CT, Private Jacob Wells, NC, Private Israel Whitney, MA, CorporalThomas Wiley, VA, Soldier-Patriotic ServiceFranz Winn, Jr., NY, PrivateReuben Woodin, NY, PrivateDaniel Yeomans, CT, Civil ServiceLeonard Zimmerman, PA, Lieutenant-Patriotic Service