Patriots Page

These are our Patriots who proudly served in the American Revolution. 

DAR perpetuates the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American independence. The objectives laid forth in the first meeting of the DAR have remained the same in over 130 years of service to the nation. Those objectives are historical, educational, and patriotic; that is, to cherish, maintain, and extend the institutions of American freedom; to foster true patriotism and love of country; and to aid in securing for mankind all the blessings of liberty.

Tristram Barnard, MA, CommanderBezaliel Barton, MA, PrivateSamuel Barstow, Jr., MA, LieutenantSeba Beebe, VT & NH, SergeantJeremiah Bingham, VT, SergeantDaniel Blackman, CT, EnsignLevi Bliss, RI & MA, PrivateEphraim Blood, NH, CorporalPhilip Borst, NY, PrivateJames D. Bradford, NY, PrivatePeleg Brown, CT, PrivateJohn Burdett, MA, PrivateHephzibah Burr, CT, PSJohn Butler, NY , Private​Nathan Cass, NH, CorporalJohn Comstock, CT, LieutenantJames Crane, CT, SergeantLuther Cromwell, CT, PrivateJohn Currier, MA, CaptainAbel Curtis, MA, PrivateBenjamin Cutter, MA, Non-Commissioned OfficerJames Dana, CT, CaptainElijah Danforth, MA, PrivateLevi Dewey, MA, PrivateMoses DeWitt, NJ, PrivateEbenezer Dunham, NY, PrivateJean Etienne deChezaulxPeter Fenton, NY, Corporal-Patriotic ServiceWilliam Flansburgh, NY, LieutenantJohn D. Fonda, NY, PrivateDavid Furbush, Sr.,  MA, Lt.,CS, PS Henry Godwin, NY, CaptainDaniel Grawbarger, NY, PrivateAsahel Gray, NY, LieutenantJohn Grout, MA, PrivateRichard Hale, CT, Patriotic ServiceHarmanaus Hagadorn, NY, PrivateIsaac Hasbrouck, NY Private-Patriotic ServiceJoseph Hatfield, VA, Private-Patriotic ServiceAlexander Hay, NY, PrivateRichard Henderson, NC, Civil Service-Patriotic ServiceJob Hedden, NJ, PrivateJacob Hollenbeck, NY, LieutenantJames Humphrey, NY, SergeantAaron Huntley, NH, PrivateThaddeus Hurd, CT, Capt Elijah Kenyon, RI, PrivateAndrew Kichlein, PA, PrivateJudah Leaming, CT, PrivatePhilip Leonard, PA, Private-Patriotic ServiceRalph Mack, CT, PrivateAlexander Mackey, Sr., NY, Private-Patriotic ServiceJohn Manning, CT, PrivateJabez Marble, MA, PrivateElihu Marvin, NY, Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic ServiceJohn McCoy, VA, CaptainJohn McDowell, VA & PA, Civil Service-Patriotic ServiceGeorge Milliman, RI, VT, Lieutenant   Stephanus Myer, NY, SoldierChristian Myers, NY, Patriotic Service    Nathan Norton, CT, SergeantGillium Outwater, NJ, Patriotic Service       Lemuel Pardee, CT, Soldier  James Pitman, GA & VA, Lieutenant    John Ramsay, NY, PrivateJohannes Reinhart, NY, Private   Simeon Rogers, MA, Private   David Rose, NY, Private Oliver Sawtelle, VT, Private John L. Schermerhorn, NY, PrivateGeorge Serviss, NY, Private William Stevens, NY, Sergeant John Stone, MA, Private  Freeborn Sweet, RI, CorporalFlower Swift, VA, Captain-Patriotic ServiceJohn Taliaferro, VA, SoldierJohn Twining, NJ, Patriotic ServiceJacobus Van Der Poel, NY, PrivateSamuel Van Saen, NJ, Patriotic Service    Evert Van Wagenen, NY, Patriotic ServiceWilliam Wakeman, CT, Sergeant John Walters, NY, Private​Henry Warner, PA, Private Jacob Wells, NC, Private   Thomas Wiley, VA, Soldier-Patriotic ServiceFranz Winn, Jr., NY, PrivatePetrus York, NY, PrivateJoseph Young, CT, PrivateLeonard Zimmerman, PA, Lieutenant-Patriotic Service
Supplemental PatriotsLawrence Alsdorf, NY, SoldierJohannes Barhydt, NY, PrivateJohn Bement, MA, Civil ServiceSamuel Blodgett, VT, Sergeant-Patriotic ServicePeter A. Bradt, NY, PrivateValentine Brown, NY, SoldierCharles Chesebrough, CT, Quarter MasterEzra Crane, CT, PrivateAdolph DeGrove, Sr., NY, Private ServiceNicholas Demarest, NY, SergeantJohn Dyckman, PA, CaptainCoenraad Elmendorf, NY, Patriotic ServiceDavid Foote, CT, Private-Civil ServiceCornelius Francisco, NY, PrivateHenry Francisco, VT, PrivateAndries Gardner, NY, PrivateNathaniel Goodspeed, MA, NH, CT, PrivateCalvin Greenleaf, MA, PrivateHarmanus Hagadorn, NY, PrivateAristides Hustis, NH, Patriotic ServiceJohn Nicholas Kemmerer, PA, PrivatePeter Kichlein, Sr.,PA Colonial, Patriotic ServiceGeorge Kline, PA, SergeantPeter LaBar, Sr., NH, Civil Service-Patriotic ServiceAlbert Mabie, NY, Private, Civil Service-Patriotic ServiceRobert McCoy, VA, PrivateZebulon Mead, Sr., VT Civil ServiceMichael Messenger, Sr., PA, Patriotic ServicePhilip Messenger, PA, PrivateThomas Morris, PA, Private, Patriotic ServiceSamuel Park, PA, PrivateRoswell Post, Sr., VT, Patriotic ServiceRosewell Post, Jr., VT, SergeantJoseph Powers, NH, PrivateWilliam Raper, NC, Patriotic ServiceJeremiah Richardson, MA, PrivateWilliam Russell, MA, PrivateZaven Sackett, MA, PrivateLucas Jacob Schererhorn, NY, CaptainTimothy Smith Jr., MA PrivateWilliam Stevens, NY, SergeantUria Stone, MA, Patriotic ServiceSeth Sturgis, CT, Patriotic ServiceIsaac Vance, PA, Sergeant-Patriotic ServiceJohn Townsend, MA, LieutenantJohn Vance, PA, Patriotic ServiceDaniel Whitney, MA, CorporalReuben Woodin, NY, Private