SCHENECTADA, a Native American Indian name meaning "BEYOND THE PINE PLAINS"

The Schenectada Chapter, NSDAR was organized October 15, 1911, at the home of the first Regent, Harriet Colburn, with the New York State Regent, Susy E. Wood, and the New York State Vice Regent, Josephine C. King, present. A United States flag was presented to the chapter on this occasion in memory of Solomon Veeder.

On December 14, 1911, our DAR national charter was presented to the chapter. The total number of members in attendance was 51. Emma van Vranken Gibbes, our chapter Regent 1920-1924, and 1928-1930, was the first member of the chapter to hold state and national office, becoming New York State Regent in 1931, and Vice President General in 1935. A plaque honoring Emma Gibbes can be viewed in the Valley Forge Bell Tower.

The Silver Anniversary Celebration was held at the Van Curler Hotel. A silver tea set was purchased to commemorate the event. The Golden Anniversary Celebration was held September 21, 1961. A silver candelabra was presented to commemorate the event, and the last surviving charter member, Maude Stauring, was presented with her 50-year pin. In 2011, the chapter was honored to celebrate its centennial anniversary with Denise Doring Van Buren, New York State Regent, at the Waters Edge Banquet House.

Notable Dates in Schenectady

Located in eastern New York State near the joining of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, Schenectady New York is deep-rooted in history and culture dating back to the 1600s.

Notable Dates

1661: First settled by the Dutch Colony

1690: The Schenectady Massacre occurred when France and their Indian allies attacked and burned the town and killing all but 60 inhabitants

1795: Union College was founded

1809: Schenectady County was formed

1887: Edison Machine Works was moved to Schenectady by Thomas Edison

1892: GE made its headquarters in Schenectady, NY

1911: Schenectada Chapter, NSDAR organized and our DAR National Charter was presented to chapter

1940: The first television broadcast was relayed to WRGB in Schenectady, NY, establishing the first television network

2011: Schenectada Chapter, NSDAR celebrates 100-year anniversary