Schenectada Chapter, NSDAR

Schenectady,   New York  

Schenectada - Native American name meaning "Beyond the Pine Plains"


We are saddened to hear of the passing of longtime member Ruth Larson.

Services will be held on January 31.


Interested in joining the DAR?

We would love to have you!

Pamela Edwards Rouse Wright, President General, NSDAR

THEME:  Celebrate Stars & Stripes Forever

The Wright Administration’s theme, “Celebrate Stars & Stripes Forever! Rejoice in our DAR Ties of Service and Friendship” brings all Daughters together as we celebrate our nation’s rich history and our communities. Our theme truly reflects the spirit and potential of our members. As we are moving forward to the 250th anniversary of our nation, DAR needs to continue to present ourselves as the patriotic service organization that we are, and this theme embodies that image.  

Pin: America Pin

As we countdown to America 250, the acrostic design of the America Pin celebrates our nation’s rich history and diversity of experience by spelling "America" through the first letter of the Swarovski crystal color: Aquamarine, Musgravite, Emerald, Ruby, Iolite, Ceylon sapphire, and Aquamarine. The beautiful bow and ribbon represent the joy members receive through our DAR ties of service and friendship. Hidden in the wreath are round and baguette Swarovski crystals symbolizing Victory in Morse code with dot-dot-dot-dash to honor our military and veterans. The jeweled Victorian six-pointed star commemorates our founding in 1890 and highlights the six goals of the Wright Administration. Rejoice in Our DAR Ties of Service and Friendship!

Pamela Neth Barrack, New York State Regent, NSDAR

THEMEHonoring Our Patriots - Preserving Their Legacy

Kim Mabee, Regent, Schenectada Chapter, NSDAR

THEME:  Honoring the Patriots of Schenectady